Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Manners: Rule #34 | Glassware

Rule #34: Check Glassware Before Serving

Receiving a cocktail in a chipped, cracked, spotty, lipstick smudged or food clumped glass immediately gives the impression that:

a) the bartender has no pride in her craft
b) the entire restaurant and bar is filthy
c) the kitchen is operating on subpar machinery
d) the bartender is too distracted to pay attention when making drinks
e) all of the above

I would choose "e." To avoid any of these impressions, take the time to clean and/or polish your glassware before opening for business. Or, at the very least, inspect the glass on a made-to-order basis. Your efforts, as small as they seem, will be appreciated.


  1. Mmm, I would probably say "e". It's bad all around, not to mention, chipped glass can cause a cut.

  2. Agreed. Never seen it happen in one of my bars, one I'm sure there are plenty of people with stories to tell (and scars to show).