Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starring...The Kitchen

Patch Crew Amanda and Stephan
I understood the perspective of a crazy stage mom while preparing my kitchen for a little film crew from AOL's Patch. My starlet needed to be well-prepared, glowing, and flawless. I'm positive that I put less attention into my appearance than hers since I spent over an hour restocking the wine racks, polishing the appliances, prepping the drink ingredients, and moving the bouquet of flowers around and around and around. For all I know my blouse was inside out but at least my kitchen looked good.

Patch Editor Amanda Salem arrived with her cameraman and they quickly set up shop. After some lighting adjustments and relocating the flowers  (I knew I picked a bad spot), we began filming. Amanda was an excellent bartender-in-training, taking direction very well and helping to create cocktails for the holidays: a Cranberry Mint Whiskey and an Apple Pie Martini.

The day was gone before I knew it, though that's just how it goes when you spend half of it making drinks and discussing the art of mixology. Cheers to bartending.


  1. lol! I would have done the same thing. I probably wouldn't have had time left to put makeup on. Let us know when we can watch!

  2. Bravo Sis. I'm sure Miss Kitchen was sparkling!

  3. where is the link to watch?

  4. Haven't seen the video yet but as soon as it's available we will post the link.