Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Manners Rule #20: Equal Pours Please

Just recently I was out for drinks with a friend and noticed that the pours on our cocktails were considerably different. I ordered Bookers neat with a twist of orange; he ordered the same. Yet his pour was obviously more generous than mine. Was it an accident? Was it because I wore designer heels and dangly earrings? perhaps pegging me as a light-weight fashionista?

Regardless, I said something. A nice glass of bourbon should be consumed in more than two sips. Two sips equals one ounce. One ounce equals a weak pour. A weak pour is insulting. Especially when the person sitting next to you clearly got more.

I know I sound like a greedy Bourbon-monger complainer person. But seriously. It was uncomfortable noticeable. Anyway, the bartender did nothing when I brought it up. He thought I was joking. Enter, Rule #20.

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