Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tell It Tuesdays: Cabo Cantina | West Los Angeles

Restaurant: Cabo Cantina
                  11829 Wilshire Blvd.
                  Los Angeles, CA 90025

Drink Damage: $18 | Super Margarita

Interior Swag: If you can score one of the giant half-moon booths in the back then you've got the most comfortable spot in the house. A steady breeze of fresh air flows through the wall-less street side of the restaurant. If you take a photo in the booth with the wall in the background, your friends will believe you're actually south of the border. A few too many televisions for a non-sports bar, so maybe not the best spot for a first date. And enough cheesy happy hour banners outside to make you feel a bit embarrassed for even walking in. However, still worth the trip.

Grub: The chicken nachos are AMAZING. Then again, everything there is completely delicious.

Booze: The double marg is not for beginners. Drink with caution.Oh, and ask for extra limes.

Service: The waitresses are always super mellow and laid back but right there when you need them.

Go-Back-Again-Ness: It's a hot spot for happy hour, so try visiting in the early afternoon to get a good seat.


  1. Margaritas are my favorite... what ever happened to the vodka/gin/tequila shirts?

  2. You remembered! I'm impressed. :) Hopefully in a month or two? Vodka won that poll by a long shot (no pun intended). Tequila came in second. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  3. Please, please may I order a special tequila one?