Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jordan Vineyard & Winery's 40th

Hadid Gallery
Last night in Los Angeles Jordan Vineyard & Winery continued their 40th year anniversary celebration with the 4 on 4 Art Competition. Local artists created work that reflected "the elegance of Jordan wines with the flavor of each city" in the hopes that their piece may be selected as either the critic's winner, or the guest's favorite.
Jordan Wine

Events in Miami and New York preceded this one, but the cross country affair certainly didn't lose any momentum. The West Hollywood gallery Hadid was packed with people clamoring to see the artwork, and of course, taste the ever-so-famous wine.

Jordan Cabernet and Chardonnay was poured, and interesting little appetizers from Chef Joe Miller were sampled by a ravenous crowd.  I couldn't imagine a better place to be as my friend Amanda and I slowly made our way around the gallery to take in each artist's entry, prompting lively conversation about the visual interpretations of our town, and one of our most favorite wines.

Amanda Salem & Jordan Catapano


  1. That is a lovely picture of you and Amanda! I love the name ;-)

    1. Thanks, Wendy! And I love the name of that wine too ;)

  2. Sorry I missed this. Looks like you two had fun!