Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mixology 101: Vermouth Infused Olives

Ordering a martini with vermouth is generational. If you're over 60, there's a strong chance you expect vermouth to be part of the drink. If you're 59 or younger, you've either become accustomed to ordering your martinis without vermouth, or you just assume the drink is made without it.

My dirty little secret is that I almost always made my martinis without this popular fortified wine, and you can read about that here. But what I didn't use until many years later were vermouth infused olives, which seem like the perfect solution for the traditional martini drinkers, and the youngsters. You have just a hint of it instead of a measured out amount.

Purchase a jar of your favorite olives, dump the water out, and rinse them in a colander. Pour the olives back into the jar and replace the liquid with vermouth. Refrigerate for 24-48 for ideal marination time and then serve. The olives will keep for a while, possibly until you start asking for vermouth in your martini.

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  1. A martini without vermouth is just gin in a glass!