Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Manners: Rule #6

Rule #6: Give Change in Singles
If the bill is $14.95, and the customer hands you a twenty, do not bring back a nickel and a $5 bill. When you do this you convey one of the following:
A) your service is worth a mere 5 cents
B) you expect a 33% tip
C) the customer's time is not valuable and it's his or her responsibility to ask for additional change

Bring back a nickel and five singles, and trust that you'll get the gratuity that you deserve.


  1. Interesting, in England and Ireland we give back all the change as tipping isn't as customary as in the States. This infers that we're not expecting anything and usually leads to the customer being more generous.

  2. Do most people tip? Or is it also included in the bill?

  3. We don't include it but most people tip as it's becoming more customary over here.

  4. A personal pet peeve of mine. Thanks for making it a rule.