Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday Manners

Tip # 13:
Avoid, "Are you still working on that?"

The majority of bars serve some sort of food, be it fries or cordon blue. If you happen to work at a bar that offers dinner or appetizers, avoid the expression, "Are you still working on that?" People work on cars, or building cabinets, or on doctorates. Food is enjoyed. Appreciated. Savored. Not worked on. If someone looks finished with their food, ask if he or she is still enjoying the meal, or if you can take their plate. You will be surprised by how many people verbally appreciate this approach.


  1. I hate it when waiters say that to me! It seems like most do, too. Hopefully enough will read your blog, and that will change. :)

  2. I hate it also when they clear all the plates and someone is still eating!