Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Spiced Rum Soy Chai

Spiced Rum, Soy, Chai Tea
Tuck in on the couch with a cozy blanket, a good book, and a hot cup of very special chai tea. Thanks to hosts Kim G. and Ashley Arrington on AWOP Radio, I have two variations of a delicious original drink. One version requires mint and the other, chipotle. Each ingredient adds such a unique flavor that I urge you to conduct your own taste test.

2 ounces chai tea
2 ounces spiced rum (heated)
2 teaspoons sugar
2 ounces vanilla soy (heated)
2 dashes of chipotle or 8 mint leaves
*soy chai is also very good!


  1. I REALLY want to try this!! It sounds so good. Thank you for the recipe :)

  2. Even though the poll closed, I thought I'd let you in on my favorite: the mint. There's just something about muddled mint that I love in a drink. We surely did enjoy your holiday drink segment, Jordan. Can't wait to have you back on the show with more fabulous drink ideas!

  3. Thanks, Perry for the opportunity to be on the show. I'm very excited to now be your official cocktail correspondent and look forward to me next chat with you all.