Monday, May 23, 2011

Rule #49: Have Hints To Leave

Rule #49: Hinting for People to Leave

Sometimes people overstay their welcome at the bar. The drinks have been cleared, the check has been presented, and the hint has been dropped on them like a piano yet they'll continue to sit and chat as if it's their living room. Here are a few things you can do to encourage a departure.

1. If the bill has been paid but your tip is sitting in there, take it.
2. Clear everything away. Every empty glass, crumpled napkin, and knotted cherry stem should disappear.
3. Ask them to scoot their bar stools closer together so you can better serve some of the people who are waiting for a seat behind them.
4. Place other people's drinks down on the bar in what was their space.
5. Order an appetizer for the people waiting to sit, even if they didn't ask for food. Lay out a place setting with as many napkins and utensils as you can.
6. If none of that works, tell the squatters that you've arranged for them to be seated at a table where they will be more comfortable and can hear each other talk.
7. And if you really need to get the point across, give them a new bill for the cocktails they are about to drink.

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